22. 05. 2016.

Meet my school, we're hiring;)

This is a logo of our school
OŠ : elementary school
VN: Vladimir Nazor (fameous Croatian writer and poet)
NB: Nova Bukovica 

                           This is our school magazine Cvrčak (Cricket, a poem by VN)

                                               I work as a principal, this is my desk, :)

                         Me & my colleagues. Very serious people! Don't mess with us!

Captain's log First enter: Star date: 05/18/2016. Destination: eTwinning

Well, adventure begins here!
I'm very excited about this journey!
I'm on a peaceful mission to learn something about new life on planet eTwinning.
I don't know who I'm going to meet, what to expect,
but I will  boldly go where every eTwinner must go!
I want to communicate with you, all eTwinners in deep space!